if not for love

brush-style logo + apparel design for a seattle non-profit dedicated to helping syrian refugees and spreading love via a buy one, give one business model.


a statement of love from the non-profit

"We are a start up clothing company with a one for one model. For every sweater purchased, one is also purchased for a refugee. What initially began as a one-time project on Kickstarter January 2016 has grown into something bigger. We've traveled overseas into Europe, to 2 different refugee camps/homes each with hundreds of Syrian refugees. We were able to hand hundreds of sweaters in bags directly to people. The camps were cold and not only was the warmth much needed, but also the reminder that they were not forgotten. We want to continue choosing people, not sides. Choosing love, not fear. Our brand is committed to always choosing love and serving as a reminder of it's unmatched power. If not for love, where would you be?"


we expanded the brand by adding a new tagline on colorful long sleeves


Photography: @tiarrasorte  |  @IFNOTFORLOVE  | STYLING: @ESTHERFILIP