It couldn't have been lovelier to work with two individuals such as Katie and Phoebe on Phoebe's watercolor invitations for her June Wedding at Anthropologies one and only wedding venue; Terrain in Pennsylvania! Golly! (side note: Watched the last episode of Downton Abbey last night and I really wanted to use that word...not sure I can pull it off without the accent though, yes...no...maybe?)

Just wanted to show the process a bit, because we all know any artistic endeavor         is a journey from start to finish. I loved where we began and loved even more         what we landed on :)

Started watercolor-sketching some little leaves in different hues of green.

It boggles my brain how color tones can be so drastically different from computer    to computer, varying with different types of paper and with each print produced.      The foliage has endured deep foresty greens to bright indigo blues and         everything in between.

The printing process was too exhausting to be described. I'm not going to sugar coat how lengthy it was. I stared for hours at slightly different prints, trying to decide which was best... Finally, when we printed on a beautiful cotton paper, its slightly off-white tinge affected the color of the watercolor and we had to start all over again. 

And here's what we came to! So inspired by Phoebe's vision I'm going to design a whole suite to accompany these invitations...so stay tuned.